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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"birthday present"

For my first post, I wanted to tell you about a "birthday present" that I bought for myself today. My birthday isn't until April 2, and I have birthday present in quotations because it's sort of been my excuse for all retail therapy purchases in the past week: forever 21 dress, chiffon blazer from nordstrom rack, and chinese laundry platforms from DSW. Don't get me wrong, I found great deals on all of it! But I need to cut these "birthday" purchases before I have to start begging my bank account to forgive me.

While I was searching for an image of the beautiful shirt I purchased today, it came up on the Nordstrom website for $20 less than what I paid. Being the thrifty penny pincher I am (not really), I emailed customer service to ask for a refund on the difference in price. I'm no stranger to contacting customer service. Anyways--

A girl came into my job on Sunday night wearing a beautiful watercolor chiffon shirt. As soon as I saw the collar was sequined, I immediately asked where she bought it. Nordstrom. How long ago? The day before!! So tonight when my shift was over, I ran right down the hall to find my beauty (oh, the joys of working in the mall). Here it is:

Bellatrix @ Norstrom, $29

So, no more birthday purchases from me. I'm debating about whether to debut this bad boy for Easter or my birthday. Easter, or my birthday?

'Til next time!

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