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About Me

I'm a babe in my twenties trying to figure out the world. Recent college graduate from Towson University with two degrees in Marketing and E-Business. Starting my career with my first fill time job in online marketing, SEO and lead generation.

But that's not how I define myself! I'm always looking for new creative outlets, jumping from one project to another. This blog is my outlet for sharing food, clothes, DIY, fun stories and all things relevant to my life.

As a young professional in Baltimore, it is so much fun to indulge in the city! I'm currently beginning a lifestyle change to be more active and healthy. We all say this, and the challenge is sticking with it. So far, the progress is proving itself worthy. Currently, my goal is to slowly train myself and prepare for the Sole of the City 10k in April 2014.

I LOVE to cook, so recipes and experiments will be shared in plenty. From pumpkin waffles to homemade chicken tenders, trying new ingredients and recipes is a serious hobby of mine.

Follow me along the way...

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